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Fence Repair in San Angelo TX

All of our fences are sure to protect you and your property from intruders. From simple chain link repairs to full-on privacy fence installations, we can help create a safe home environment for all family members with just one call!

We offer expert services that’ll give your perimeter protection against trespassers and thieves. So whether installing or repairing an existing fence, don’t hesitate to contact us today -we’re always here, ready for service!

Our specialization in fence repair

Your fence is an integral part of your property, and it’s always great when you can keep things looking good. A well-maintained fence contributes to the curb appeal of a house or business! Let our professionals handle all your fencing needs so that we can make sure yours looks fantastic for years to come.

We repair any type of fence: from wood fences, vinyl fences, metal fencing (including chain link), composite fencing - even custom gates if needed! We’ll also replace posts as they need replacement and put them in concrete just like we would new ones.

Fence repair services we offer:

If your home requires a minor facelift, then our handyman service can help with that. Whether it’s fence repair, replacement, installation, or updates we are the best choice to complete any fencing project at your property and give you peace of mind knowing satisfaction will be guaranteed!

Here are some of the services we offer under fence repair:

  • General fence repair
  • Cedar, chain link, vinyl, and decorative fence installation
  • Fence post in concrete replacement
  • Picket and rail repairs and replacement
  • Fence staining, cleaning, and power washing service
  • Fence and gate repair and installation

How to determine your wooden fence needs to be replaced.,

Keeping an eye out for signs that indicate a fence replacement is imminent can help you save some money. For example, if your aging fence has warped boards or damaged posts, it’s time to consider replacing the whole thing with newer, more robust, and cheaper versions over time due to frequent repairs as opposed to one-off ones.

Here are some signs you can look into your wooden fences and check if it needs replacing:

  • One or two boards can be replaced quickly enough, but when there are multiple ones broken, that’s a good sign that it may need to be fully repaired.
  • If you notice any rotting boards or posts in your yard, it’s time to take action. You don’t want water getting into the home and damaging what lies within.
  • The fence boards and the main structure of a fencing installation can weaken to the point that it starts leaning.

Fence repair service you can rely on

We have been providing customized fencing solutions to homeowners in the area for years. Our team will evaluate your needs, provide you with a free quote, and install or repair any necessary features onsite. You can also enjoy our power washing and staining services as well!

Fence pickets, rails, broken latches - no problem! We’re here to help get that space protected from invaders by installing new fences or repairing old ones just in time before winter sets in. We could estimate cost based on what style of fence material best suits all of those specifications, including color preferences?.

Free instant quote
Coupons and Discounts available!
How can we serve you?
100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed