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Providing Quality Handyman Services in San Angelo TX

Do you need a handyman in San Angelo, TX?

We offer professional handyman services for residential and commercial properties. Our team is experienced with all types of projects, including drywall repair, flooring installation, tiling and regrouting, window repair, painting, and more.

You’ll be able to get the job done quickly without any hassle or headaches. So, get your free estimate today!

Call us now at our hotline or fill out our contact form on our website to schedule an appointment!

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Coupons and Discounts available!
How can we serve you?
100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
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When you trust us with your home improvement needs, the job isn’t done until you say so.

worker on ladder repairing ceiling drywall

Drywall Repair

We patch dings and replace drywalls for you! With our drywall services, your drywall is in good hands.
worker on his knee laying new flooring in small room

Flooring Installation and Repair

Do you need new flooring for your office or home? We have the best options for you!
construction worker using level on a wall while measuring

Tiling and Regrouting

Tiles can also deteriorate through time. So let us help you fix and maintain your tiles so they can last longer!
man installing handle of home exterior window

Window Repair

Windows are among the essential parts of a home or building. If you need them repaired, call us today!

Overview of our Handyman Company

We are your link to the best local handyman services and master artisans in your area. It doesn’t matter what you need; we have an expert for it! You can trust our top-notch team of professional tradesmen with anything from electrical work to plumbing projects or just some general maintenance around the house. So check out all that we offer below and find who’s suitable for each task at hand.

Our company’s dedication to providing high-quality craft and friendly customer service sets us apart from the competition. Many companies offer home maintenance, repair, or remodeling services across the country, but we have a tradition of experienced craftsmen and satisfied customers!

We’ve been doing this for a long time: taking care of our customers. Our dedication to providing high-quality craft and friendly customer service makes us the top provider across the country. For many years, we have brought an experienced craftsmen’s tradition with satisfied customers who can attest that we take you home as seriously as your own!

We provide professional services on homes from start to finish - whether it requires maintenance or remodeling; after all these years, there is no project too big nor small for us!

handyman installing new wood flooring
We’d like to thank all the crew at San Angelo’S Handyman for their hard work on our kitchen remodel. We love the new countertops!
Ivan O.
I was very impressed with San Angelo’S Handyman’s paint job. After just painting the interior of my home, I knew I would hire them to do the exterior as well!
Sandy W.
We were about to put our house up for sale, but it needed some serious help with paint and stucco repairs before we could do that. We came across San Angelo’S Handyman when searching online, and we were so glad we did! They fixed everything and the house looks brand new again.
Ricky K.

Our Handyman Services

See below for more information about our top notch services.

Drywall Repair

We offer a comprehensive range of drywall services, including installation and repair. We work with the highest quality materials to ensure your home’s appearance is preserved for years. For all our projects, we provide honest advice and friendly service from start to finish! So give us a call or request an estimate today so that you can get started on making your dream come true in no time at all.

Our drywall repair services have you covered. We provide repairs, touch up, installations, customization, and more to fix the walls in your home for any job, big or small - discoloration from moisture or watermarks caused by leaks; the damage done to the wall such as nicks and marks which can be fixed with our handyman service; tape seams that need repairing so they will not leak out air when we seal it back down with a fresh coat of paint! And don’t forget about pesky wallpaper removal if you want us to take care of that too.

We’re here 24/7 providing expert drywall installations, whether it’s patching up some dings in the wall or replacing entire panels-we have it covered ˋ All of our employees are experienced professionals who will walk you through every step while also ensuring seamless experience throughout. For more information about any one of our offers, give us a phone call or message us on our website.

worker on ladder repairing ceiling drywall

Flooring Installation and Repair

Tile repair and flooring projects can be a headache, but our company has the expertise to make sure that your project goes smoothly. We offer professional-level craft for all tile repairs or installation you may need in your home today!

Whether you require flooring refinishing or a grout polisher, the professionals at our company are here for all your needs. We guarantee that we work with only experienced artisans who walk through every step of the process to help you enjoy an easy experience. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction which means there will be no more seeking out other companies when it comes time for repairs!

We are proud to offer the best quality services in our area. That is why we specialize in tile repair and installation and other home renovation projects such as roofing replacement or window repainting.

There’s nothing better than updating the flooring in your home or getting those old carpets replaced with hardwood. We have plenty of experience doing both, and we can help you select which one is right for you.

worker on his knee laying new flooring in small room

Tiling and Regrouting

We want to make your tiles and grout look clean, beautiful, and inviting again. Tile restoration solutions are designed to dramatically improve your home’s flooring aesthetic, no matter how dirty it has become over time.

We also have other services to offer alongside our excellent tiling and grouting service. Such packages include tile and grout cleaning and sealing, tile and grout care tips, caulking, grout recoloring and filling, and slip resistance application.

Our company is the best of those available, as our technicians are highly qualified in many areas. Tile and grout restoration is just one aspect—caulking repair or installation can be done by us too!

Call upon us to ensure that your caulking remains intact throughout all seasons so that you won’t have costly water damage on your hands when it comes time for caulk replacement. We handle everything from removal to new installations depending on which scenario fits what you need most now.

construction worker using level on a wall while measuring

Window Repair

There are a lot of things that can happen to your windows. For example, you may need to replace an old one, fix a window frame, or install a new window to improve. Either way, whatever window repair you need, we have you covered.

Homeowners looking to improve the efficiency of their homes and increase property value need to look no further than new windows. Installed by a qualified professional, these customizable additions can not only be tailored for aesthetic purposes but also help you make your home more comfortable in whichever way suits you best!

With so many options available from our window professionals, it’s easy as pie to find something that will work just right with both what matters most - and your budget too. So let us take care of all aspects of installation while making sure we don’t leave any mess behind after completion, leaving homeowners free at last to enjoy everything they love about their newly-improved abode.

Aside from our excellent window repair service, we also fix and replace window frames. So whether your frames are old and need replacement or you just want to increase your home’s value, our services can come in handy. So give us a call or email us on our website for free quotations and estimates!

man installing handle of home exterior window

Waste Removal

Do you have waste or garbage in your residential and commercial properties that need to be removed? Worry no more! Our company offers the best and most cost-effective waste removal services in San Angelo, TX.

We understand that some of you don’t have the time to collect and drive your trash to the dumpster. Admittedly, doing so is also time-consuming and stressful. Luckily, our company has the best people available to perform waste removal and disposal for you.

We offer our best, authorized, and trained haulers in your area for waste removal service. Our recycling programs have even been further emphasized with the new green movement of today’s world, where everyone tries to save the environment from pollution. Therefore, the more garbage bins at local schools and parks, which affect our community’s cleanliness and safety, makes no sense whatsoever.

Our company provides waste removal and other disposal services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients with competitive rates in the areas they operate. These services are available throughout San Angelo, TX. All you need to do is give us a call or email us through our website. Our agents can surely help you with your waste management and disposal needs.

pickup truck full of junk and construction debris

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Textured ceilings can be found in many older homes, but the look is out of style. Popcorn ceilings were trendy back when they first came into existence and are still a design element on some old buildings- however, this has been put to rest since it’s difficult to remove them!

When you’re ready to get rid of that popcorn ceiling finally, there are a few things to consider. The first is the desired outcome- do you want it removed in place or as part of remodeling? And then, how much work can your budget handle? Once those questions have been answered, find an experienced popcorn ceiling contractor and let them take care of business!

While having this kind of job done might sound like one from taking on yourself. But not knowing what you’re doing could be harmful, not just for safety reasons. In addition, it can become more costly because it’s tough dealing with these kinds of jobs, and it will require experience.

You’ve got some popcorn ceilings that you want to say goodbye to? Let us know! Book a free estimate for your interior painting job today. Just give us a call at our hotline or visit us on our website.

man scraping off popcorn-textured ceiling

Fence Repair

No matter what size or material your fence is made of, our experts can help keep it maintained – we’ll make sure that the property around you stays secure and private. From simple chain link repairs to full-on privacy fences, trust in us for expert artistry wherever you live across San Angelo, TX. Call today!

When you need fencing repairs, our skilled craftsmen will fix it in no time. We repair all types of fences, including wood fences, vinyl fences, and more! In addition to improving the fence posts, if needed, we’ll also make sure they are secured with concrete to protect your privacy for years to come.

Your fence is an extension of your home, and it needs to be maintained as such. However, if you need repairs or replacements for any parts on the property broken down, we can help!

Broken latches? We’ve got them covered. Need a fresh start with new fencing installed in place of old fences? No problem! Whether it’s power washing services or complete installation - we have all bases covered when you’re looking for commercial-grade facilities from experts who know what they’re doing.

two men working on welding metal fence posts

Ceiling Repair

There’s a leaky pipe or roof in your ceiling? Dry-rot combined with plaster damage has left you feeling like there is no hope. But don’t worry, we can fix it! First, our experts will determine the cause of the water problem and then patch up any holes leading to leakage. Then they will seal all cracks inside and out before laying down new drywall on top of everything else - giving way for fresh paint colors if desired!

The ceiling of your home is one-of-a-kind and deserves only the best. That’s why we offer a wide variety of ceiling services to ensure that you can get everything from minor repairs such as water damage, cracks, or holes in plaster on ceilings; up to large-scale projects like fixing drywall due to accidents with heavy furniture. No matter what, our technicians will work hard for you so that when they are done it looks better than new!

Our team works overtime every day so that I know my customers have peace of mind knowing their homes are safe under us at any time during construction or repair needs.

We know that most contractors won’t take on small-scale jobs, but at ours, you can rest assured knowing that they’re our specialty; fixing any hole of size anywhere will be done right the first time because nothing is more important to us than having happy customers who come back for more.

We have spent years perfecting an effective system that allows for fast results leaving clients stunned by its durability and satisfied with their experience. From ceilings, holes, or leaky pipes - no problem!

worker on ladder repairing ceiling drywall


We want to be your go-to source for carpentry services. You can trust us because we always do the job right, with our locations across San Angelo and a team of top carpenters on staff. Whether you need some cabinets repaired or something more complex like built-in shelving designed, just ask! We’ll walk through every step until it’s done seamlessly. Get in touch today for a free quote from one of our expert craftsmen.

Your home projects are our specialty! We’re happy to help you get started on your next project from scratch. Before starting, be sure to chat with one of our carpenters about what assistance or installation work you would like and how we can make it happen.

Do you have a door in your house that needs to be replaced? If so, we’re the company for you! We provide excellent carpentry services of all sorts and specialize in interior or exterior installation. So whether it’s bedroom doors, entryways, patio doors, storm doors - if it has hinges on both sides - then our expert craftsmen will happily replace them with ease.

man installing new cabinet door and handle
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